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"Ukrainian composer; writes solo and chamber works using electronics and experiments with non-standard instruments, while also musically employing uncommon objects. Her pieces are highly contrasted in terms of sound intensity, ranging from subtle, barely audible sounds through strong, piercing culminations. Arkushyna’s oeuvre attracts particular attention thanks to its richness of sound effects obtained using a wide spectrum of original performing techniques, which at the same time inject her compositions with emotional distance."

(Ewa Chorościan)

"...The work by Anna Arkushyna (...) is like a monster beneath the sea or a presumption of new adventures waiting round a distant corner.' (Programm "Klang festival 2020")

"...The concert closed with Anna Arkushyna’s Let Nobody but the Room, in which robust control over sometimes wild, raucous material contributed to its compelling overall shape." (Patrick Friel, First Performances, Tempo, Copyright © The Author(s), 2021. Published by Cambridge University Press)

"...a Ukrainian composer, is well-known to the European contemporary music community. Her works are often performed at various festivals, her music is commissioned by the most interesting collectives" (The Claquers, Forgetting every previous note and knowing nothing about the next one. How to listen to music by Anna Arkushyna?

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