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Anna Arkushyna is Ukrainian composer now based in Graz, Austria. She studied composition in Kyiv (with Alla Zagaïkevych and Yevhen Stankovych) and in Graz (Composition-class by Beat Furrer and Franck Bedrossian). Also she was a student at the IEM Graz (class by Marko Ciciliani and Daniel Mayer).

Anna completed the Cursus Program on Composition and Computer Music in 2022/2023 at IRCAM, Paris.

Anna is participant in workshops of composition by P. Billone, A. Posadas, C. Iannotta, G. Stäbler, S. Newski, M. Andre, 

R. Cendo, A. V. Gorne, J. Reis,  also took lessons with D. Kourliandski, C. Bauckholt, S. Gervasoni, P. Jodlowski, J. Combier. 

She is finalist of the composer's competitions “Step to the Left-4” (2011), third-prize-winner of the “Pre-art composers competition” in (2017). Anna was also finalist of the “Ö1-Talentebörse Kompositionspreis" (2020, 2022) in Austria. In 2021 she was awarded with "Musikförderungspreis der Stadt Graz". ​Anna got a Start Stipendium für Musik und darstellende Kunst 2022 from Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport Österreich in 2022, and now she is fellow of Staatstipendium für Komposition for 2024 from Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport Österreich.

She was selected to be as Artist in Residence 2024 at Schloss Wiepersdorf in Germany.


Her music is widely performed during many festivals and projects in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, the U.S., the Netherlands, Croatia, Mexico, Japan, Slovakia, Switzerland by ensemble Musikfabrik, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ensemble Modern, Airborne Extended, Cantando Admont, Quatuor Béla, Nostri Temporis, Ensemble Spectrum, Kwartludium, Pre-Art-Solisten, MozArt Sinfonietta Salzburg and many others.​

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